We're more than bankers, we’re your neighbors and friends. Banking is about relationships. It's about connecting with the people and businesses that make a community. When you bank with Rivers Edge Bank, you reinvest in the community we share.

A Message from Our CEO


We are glad you connected with us. At Rivers Edge Bank, our great hope is that we can bring enough value to your life that you will allow us to be your trusted partner on your journey. We hope your life is enhanced through the use of the digital services that we offer, but please rest assured that our partnership with you is much more than that. We are just as committed to serving you in person, as well. We want to be there for you no matter the situation or your financial need.

Rivers Edge Bank is a community bank in the truest sense. We live, work and invest in our community and will only do well when the good people of our community do well. So that’s our dream and our mission……to help you do well. We will work hard to earn your trust and confidence as we become your partner.

We thank you for connecting with us and we look forward to a long & prosperous journey together!

-Don D. Nolan Chairman/CEO

Your Success Is Our Mission

Your Partner on the Journey – It is more than a catchy tagline. For us, each day begins with the belief that “if you row someone across the river, you will get there yourself.” We make it our goal to promote the well-being of everyone we work with, both in the bank and out in the community. Not only does this help them succeed, but it also benefits the community and, in turn, the bank.

Meet Our Team

Across our 5 locations in South Dakota and Iowa, the Rivers Edge Bank team consists of approximately 40 employees, and we’re ready to assist you with your financial needs! The employees you’ll work with are knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy, and caring. After all, they are your family, friends, and neighbors. You won’t only see them working at the bank, you’ll find them volunteering for local causes, working on city councils, school boards, and other roles that make up our community.

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What We Do

We are passionate about helping our rural communities succeed. Rivers Edge Bank has made it our mission to serve you, our friends and neighbors, so that we can all prosper. Our journey goes back over 100 years in some locations, and we know how important it is for us to recognize the past while welcoming the future. We constantly strive to improve our products, services, and relationships as each year passes, and we’ll continue to aim for success and prioritize our communities and what makes our local banks unique.

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Personal Banking, Investing & Finance

Banking is built on relationships and, at Rivers Edge Bank, you’re a neighbor first and a customer second. Our personal banking products include a range of features designed to meet your needs. We also know sometimes life gets ahead of your finances; we have consumer loan options tailored to you.

Personal Banking Options

Business Banking, Loans & Finance

As a business owner, you pour yourself into what you do. You provide the attention and services your customers require to keep them coming back. We share the same passion for our business banking customers. We can help you create the best combination of accounts or loans to support your unique requirements and help you meet your goals

Business Banking Opportunities

Agricultural Banking, Loans & Crop Insurance

Our journey began with serving rural areas, we understand flexibility and creativity are required to succeed in farming these days. At Rivers Edge Bank, we offer personalized service and a variety of financial tools designed to keep your farm running smoothly. We also have a full line of crop insurance products designed to protect your farm and future.

Agricultural Banking Tools

Residential Mortgages & Underwriting

Whether you’re looking to build, buy, invest, or refinance, Rivers Edge Bank has mortgage loan options to fit your needs. With over 50 years of combined mortgage experience, our Mortgage Team is here to help see you through your goals.

Mortgage Options & Lenders

What Our Customers Say

“We have been lifelong customers of the Rivers Edge system and knew they were the perfect fit as we started our new business venture, 605 Sires. Having deep roots in the agriculture field, they know the ups and downs of ag trends and markets. They have been extremely helpful and understanding as our business has grown and developed over the past 5 years and are always willing to listen to new ideas as we continue to expand. The entire staff is always friendly and easy to work with. I would certainly recommend REB to anyone looking to start a new business or grow an old one. They understand the needs and demands of the business world and are always willing to listen.”

-Cory Schrag, 605 Sires LLC

“I recently moved to Howard, and I wanted to bank in my new community. Through my employer, I worked closely with REB and quickly trusted their staff. They welcomed me into their bank and community with proud, hard-working attitudes. Having done my banking with the same bank for 28 years prior, making the switch to a new financial institution was a bit unnerving. REB`s friendly staff replaced any hesitations I had with reassurance I was making the right choice. Being able to purchase my first home from “friends” was simply the best. [ I would recommend REB to] anyone who wants big city banking with a small-town atmosphere. There is no other bank I would rather entrust my finances to.”

-Kimberly Cleveland

“We love working with our small-town bank who is understanding of the farming operation and are very supportive. I enjoy the convenience of online banking. It`s nice to be able to see our accounts and watch for transactions to come through. The staff at REB was very helpful when it came to setting up the account and any other questions that came up. I check my online banking nearly every day. I love that I can check my accounts right from my cell phone. I like the conveniences of our “small town” bank.”

-Ashley Schwader

Where We Call Home

A number of our employees are born and raised in the communities they serve; some have returned to their hometowns; many are from similar rural areas and have been in their current area for years. This hometown connection means we’re proud of where we’ve come from and are eager to help our neighbors prosper. Below are the communities currently served by Rivers Edge Bank:

Current Locations:

A Community Bank in the Truest Sense

At Rivers Edge Bank, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about the economic well-being of the rural communities we serve. We believe that we carry a large responsibility to lead and assist in each community’s economic success. Our belief is that economic success is best achieved when the focus is on the local community from multiple aspects.

First, as members of the community, we do business locally and encourage others to shop and do business locally as well. Second, our employees live in the community that they serve. In that way, the economic benefit of employment flows back into the community. Third, when business owners live in the community, company profits flow back into the economic framework of the community. Rivers Edge Bank strives to have shareholders living in each of our communities. Fourth, a community that reinvests in itself will prosper.

At Rivers Edge Bank, we seek to maximize each of these areas to maximize our positive impact on the community and we encourage others to do the same.

Rivers Edge Bank makes it our goal to support the organizations and businesses making a difference in our communities. Whether it is through volunteering our time and efforts, promoting their events, or financial support, we believe in helping those who help others. Discover some of these organizations by checking out those highlighted on our blog page.

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See How Rivers Edge Bank Can Help

Take the time and explore our website to see the ways Rivers Edge Bank can serve you. We make it our goal to be your partner on your financial journey. If you have any questions on what Rivers Edge Bank can do for you, please reach out by calling, emailing, or using the Contact Us message board.

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