Ag Finance Services: Agriculture Loans for Real Estate & Improvements

At Rivers Edge Bank, we work with countless farmers and rural residents who wonder what possibilities are still out there to explore. Our team knows what it feels like to yearn for more: more potential, more opportunities, more ability to make a difference. Before we formed Rivers Edge as a leading agriculture bank in our rural South Dakota and Iowa communities, we were individual banks who sought to do more. By joining together, we’re better equipped to serve the small towns we live and work in, including the farmers who we consider to be the lifeblood of our tight-knit communities. In fact, a lot of our farm financing lenders grew up with agricultural backgrounds and utilize their expertise to help you make informed business decisions.

When you recognize an opportunity to scale up your farming business or branch out into a new direction, Rivers Edge Bank has agriculture loans for farms to help you fulfill your vision. Our ag finance solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and cover critical investments like real estate purchases, land improvements, livestock and more.

Loans for Farm Real Estate & Improvements

Whether you’re looking to plant roots by purchasing land or seeking to develop the land you own by adding improvements, Rivers Edge Bank is here to help with farmland loans designed for you. Your local ag loan officer will take the time to listen to your ideas and ensure your goals are reflected in our customizable repayment options. With many different payment terms available, including long-term repayment options, we can help you pick the solution that best fits your cash flow. Our options range from monthly or quarterly to semi-annual or annual repayment options. For experienced farmers or those just starting out, we have competitive fixed or variable rates available depending on your desired predictability or flexibility with market conditions.

From purchasing or refinancing pasture or tillable acres to adding buildings such as grain bins, machine sheds, cattle or hog barns, we work with you as a friendly face and reliable ag resource to help your farm operation flourish. When it’s time to make strategic decisions about the long-term success of your business, your local agriculture loan experts at Rivers Edge are the best people to have by your side for a farm financing solution tailored to you. See for yourself what a farmland loan from Rivers Edge could look like with our ag calculator tool online.

Agriculture Loans for Livestock Expansion

Livestock is also an important consideration for your overall profitability and performance as a business. As part of our comprehensive selection of loans for farms, we’re proud to work closely with the livestock industry and provide ag finance solutions to expand your herd affordably. No matter the size of your operation, we aim to be an ongoing partner as you continue to increase your flock. We recognize the crucial role your tools and equipment play in cultivating a growing farm, so we also offer convenient farm equipment loans to help enhance your capabilities. If you need it, Rivers Edge Bank can supply the funds for you to reach your wildest dreams as a business owner.

Single-Pay Notes for Ag Finance Options

Sometimes it may make more sense for your ag business to opt for a single-pay note as a lump sum rather than a revolving line of credit. Single-pay notes allow for more flexibility for farmers when a structured repayment plan doesn’t make sense. For example, when a farmer is upgrading their equipment or improving their real estate, it may be that they intend to sell other equipment or land holdings to cover the debt. In the meantime, a single-pay note can provide the funds needed to buy and sell when the time is right without being held to an unnecessary repayment schedule. This type of farm financing is especially strategic when you want to avoid tying up the funds on an existing line of credit, such as when you’re storing grain but anticipating an upcoming sale to take care of the costs. A few more examples for when a single-pay note may come in handy include:

  • Grain inventory - to allow for marketing opportunities
  • Equipment upgrades - between purchasing new equipment and waiting to sell an existing piece of machinery
  • Feed inventory - to allow for livestock sales
  • Larger repair expenses - to allow for repair before harvest or livestock sale

We’re always happy to discuss which agriculture loans for farms are best-suited for your business, whether it’s a single-pay note or a flexible line of credit . As your local agriculture bank, we know what works for the farmers in our community and take the time to personalize farm financing to your needs, opening the door for you to pursue passion projects and growth opportunities that align with your business.

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For farmland loans and more farm financing solutions, Rivers Edge Bank gives local farmers a competitive edge to level up their business and reach new heights. To get started bringing your plans to life, call your local Rivers Edge Bank or contact us online to connect.