Business Banking Online with Rivers Edge Bank

At Rivers Edge Bank, we want the local businesses in our communities to succeed because when you succeed, we all succeed. As a small business bank, we maintain strong relationships with business leaders, local farmers and community members, working side by side with you on Main Street and beyond to help our small towns thrive. Rivers Edge Bank brings you the best of both worlds: our advanced Business Banking Online tools for simplified ACH payments, remote deposit, Access Management and more, paired with the personal touch and trust that comes with working with your friends and neighbors.

Get Support from Rivers Edge Bank for Small Business Banking Needs

Rivers Edge Bank is on your side—we don’t want anything to take away from the success of your business or farm operation. For that reason, our Business Banking Online resources are available free of charge to our business account holders. There are no monthly service charges penalizing you for taking advantage of our resources, and we provide unlimited deposits to keep your business moving at your pace. Take advantage of all our Business Banking Online tools with your online banking account login: streamline direct deposit for payroll. Process checks and payments from your desk. Export your records for quick and easy bookkeeping. Rivers Edge Bank is ready to help transform the way you do business.

As your small business bank, we have all of the resources and security of a larger bank but with local support and real people you recognize ready to assist you. If you need any help accessing our Business Banking Online tools or need more information on your bank account, we encourage you to call your local Rivers Edge Bank to connect with someone right here in your community. There are no vague 800 numbers where Rivers Edge is concerned! When you bank with Rivers Edge Bank, you establish relationships who will support you through every business endeavor. We work everyday to help small businesses and local farming operations thrive in our communities. For a small business bank that has your back, count on Rivers Edge.

ACH Payments & Direct Deposits for Payroll

Automated clearing house (ACH) payments provide a quick, easy way for businesses to transfer or receive funds electronically, without having to wait for checks to be mailed or cashed. Through our Business Banking Online tools, local businesses have the ability to make ACH payments to employees using our direct deposit for businesses feature. Use direct deposit for payroll to automate your payroll process and move funds directly to employees’ bank accounts.

ACH payments are also useful for other business transactions, like paying a supplier, processing payments from your customers or transferring funds between your business’ bank accounts to allocate money accordingly. If your business manages recurring payments for a product or service you provide to customers, they can submit their bank account information so you can withdraw the planned amount automatically on scheduled dates. Use our Business Banking features in Online Banking to integrate with your existing accounting software and push ACH payments through securely. Receive money sooner and move business processes along faster with ACH payments and direct deposit for payroll. Focus on big picture business ideas while we facilitate efficiency through our business online banking features.

Access Management for Business Banking Online

Business Banking Online tools are available for your team to use as you see fit, but as your small business bank, we empower business leaders through Access Management. Access Management gives you control over which team members have permission to use your business bank accounts. You determine whether their role is view-only for bookkeeping, or if they have financial responsibilities and need the ability to add, subtract or transfer funds from your accounts. This proves especially useful for businesses outsourcing their accounting or bookkeeping because you can grant restricted access to view your accounts without allowing a third party to use the funds. Access Management ensures all relevant team members and/or third parties are included on important financial matters while minimizing the risk of unapproved use of funds.

Merchant Capture for Remote Deposits

Enjoy the ease of unlimited deposits directly from your desk—no trip to the bank required! Using a check imaging machine provided by Rivers Edge Bank, you’re able to scan as many checks as you need, whenever you need, and we will deposit the funds into your account. Time saving and convenient, using Merchant Capture for remote deposits gives time back to your busy schedule by streamlining your daily deposit record keeping.  If you are interested in unlocking the freedom with remote deposits for your business, please contact our local REB location to get started. 

In addition to small businesses, Rivers Edge Bank works with numerous agricultural businesses and farmers. Rural business owners and farmers especially benefit from remote deposit capabilities without having to make the trip to town. For farmers with an ag line of credit, Rivers Edge Bank may need to endorse your checks before depositing into your account, but know our team of friendly faces awaits should you require personal assistance.

Quicken® & QuickBooks® Make Business Banking Online Easy

Rivers Edge Bank is proud to provide our customers access to their accounts through Quicken® and QuickBooks®. This allows our customers to sync their bank account history into the software tool, saving time and effort for you or your bookkeeper instead of manually entering data. For small businesses and local farmers alike, pulling your data through Quicken® or QuickBooks® helps you notice financial trends for your business or farm.

Make the most of your finances and maintain your account balance with Business Banking Online partnered with Quicken® and QuickBooks® for your convenience. If you have questions regarding these tools and how they relate to your accounts, please call your local Rivers Edge Bank for help and support from our very own local staff members. You can also find helpful information and tools below:


Our Local Bank Helps Small Businesses Along the Journey

Wherever your business is headed, Rivers Edge Bank is right here with you. From business banking to loans and financing, we are your partner along for the journey. To learn more about our Business Banking Online tools for small businesses and local farm operations, call your local Rivers Edge Bank or contact us online to get in touch.