Rivers Edge Bank provides local bank accounts for our rural communities, including checking and savings account options to make the most of your money. We have the resources and expertise of a corporate bank but deliver our services through personalized customer service as your friends and neighbors. It’s the best of both worlds, right here in your hometown. We’ve worked hard to simplify savings accounts and provide convenient checking account options to ensure you have the best opportunities for financial growth. For smart spending and saving, Rivers Edge Bank has your back.

Personal Checking Accounts Fit for Your Lifestyle

For just $20 toward an opening deposit, you can establish a checking account with Rivers Edge Bank. Along with securing your spending money, we provide a number of benefits to bank account holders, including:

Simply Checking
$20 Opening Deposit Required
No Monthly Service Fees
Non-interest Bearing
Free ATM/Debit Card

Along with the benefits and perks of our Simply Checking account, our Elite Checking account takes your funds one step further. This option requires a larger opening deposit but offers variable interest growth on balances exceeding $1,000, paid back to you monthly. No matter your financial goals or spending needs, Rivers Edge Bank has a checking account solution to keep you on track.

 Elite Checking
 $1,000 Opening Deposit Required
 No Minimum Balance Required
(No Interest Earned on Average Daily Balance Under $1,000)
 No Monthly Service Fees
 Tiered Variable Interest Rates
(Contact your location for current rates)
 Interest Paid Monthly
 Free ATM/Debit Card

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Personal Savings Accounts to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Savings accounts are a great way to set aside funds for a rainy day or prepare for planned expenses down the road. Whether you’re just starting out or building your nest egg and ready to earn more from your savings, Rivers Edge Bank has a savings account for you. With no monthly service fees and no minimum balance required to keep an account open, our savings account options offer the flexibility you need to navigate your future.

Our Simply Savings account solution is great for savers of all ages, with a $100 opening deposit required for those 18 years old and over. Allow interest to build up over time so your hard-earned savings earn more money for you in the background. Plan your next vacation or splurge on the new vehicle you’ve been eyeing with confidence knowing your money is growing and waiting for you behind the scenes.

 Simply Savings
$100 Opening Deposit Required
**Primary owners under 18 years of age are not subject to the minimum opening deposit amount** 
 No Minimum Balance Required
(No Interest Earned on Average Daily Balance under $100)
 No Monthly Service Fees
 Interest Paid Quarterly
Variable Interest Rate

If you’ve already set aside a large portion of your savings, our Elite Money Market Savings account provides tiered variable interest rates for higher earnings and interest paid to your account every month for additional accrual. Our Elite Money Market accounts are a smart saving solution for large expenses like a down payment, retirement funds or for accumulating additional earnings on your nest egg.

 Elite Money Market Savings
 $5,000 Opening Deposit Required
 No Minimum Balance Required
(No Interest Earned on Average Daily Balance Under $5,000)
No Monthly Service Fees
 Tiered Variable Interest Rates
(Contact your location for current rates)
Interest Paid Monthly

Contact Rivers Edge Bank to learn more about how our savings accounts can help you reach your goals, or explore additional savings opportunities via a certificate of deposit (CD) or individual retirement account (IRA).

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How to Open a Bank Account at Rivers Edge Bank

To get started with checking and savings accounts at Rivers Edge, it’s as simple as visiting your local bank to apply. Be prepared to pay a minimum initial deposit to set your account up for success but know Rivers Edge will not charge monthly service fees or require a minimum balance to be maintained in order to keep your account. We want you to live your life! Just keep in mind accounts below a certain balance won’t earn interest in the meantime.

When you’re ready to get started, come prepared with:

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license, passport or military ID
  • Your Social Security number
  • Proof of current physical address if not listed on photo ID, i.e. piece of mail, utility bill, etc.
  • Minors without a photo ID must present their Social Security card and a copy of their birth certificate

If you are unable to meet these requirements, please contact us for assistance. The benefit of working with your neighborhood Rivers Edge Bank for local bank accounts is a community-oriented team you know and trust serving you and prioritizing you when you need our help.

As a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured bank, we encourage you to utilize the FDIC calculator for electronic deposit insurance estimation to help determine which account(s) make the most sense to place your funds. We’re happy to address any uncertainty you have about which account options are best for your needs.

Contact Rivers Edge Bank to Learn More About Your Options for Local Bank Accounts

Rivers Edge Bank is your partner on the journey. With simplified checking and savings solutions, our local bank accounts allow you to take control of your finances and look toward the future. And wherever the future takes you, we’re here to help you get there! Contact Rivers Edge Bank today.