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As you seek to improve your way of life, whether you’re investing in farm equipment, buying land, or looking to get involved in the stock market, we have the information you need to get started. If you have further questions on any of our resources, reach out to your local Rivers Edge Bank.


Sales & Auctions

If growth is in your future, Rivers Edge Bank offers loans and operating lines of credit to fund your future and secure financially sound business endeavors. Find upcoming land auctions, machinery for sale and more with the links below as you seek to expand your capabilities. Looking to sell? These experienced auction companies can assist you.

Trends in the Market

Monitoring the stock market with extra attention on markets and prices gives local businesses a leg up. Track trends and weigh your options to make an opportune decision when the time is right.

Vehicle Values

Be aware of the value of your used vehicles and equipment as you operate your business. Get reliable rates from the two most trusted resources in the industry.