Reach Out for Business Lending & Loan Options

As your small-town, local lender, Rivers Edge Bank has your back with business lending solutions customized for your needs. We proudly support the success of businesses in our communities. Commercial loans continually create opportunities for new businesses to thrive and open doors for established businesses to keep chasing new milestones. There’s nothing we can’t do when we do it together because when you succeed, our booming community succeeds, too. Trust Rivers Edge Bank for timely, convenient, personable business lending to help bridge the gap toward your biggest goals.

Work with Our Business Lenders to Find the Right Commercial Loan

Business lending with Rivers Edge Bank gives you direct access to your lender who will be by your side throughout the lifespan of your loan, walking you through the process and personalizing their approach to best meet your goals. We are your friends and neighbors first, so you can count on us to be upfront with you and deliver on our promises.

Our commercial loans are designed for a variety of requests, including small business loans, business expansion loans, commercial real estate loans and business lines of credit. Each loan offers competitive interest rates, flexible terms typically ranging from five to 20 years and a variety of repayment schedules, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual repayment options. We’re readily available to assess your needs and help you decide on a business lending solution that will lead you to success. Run your numbers through our online calculator to get a better idea of what to expect, then contact your local Rivers Edge Bank to see how we can customize a commercial loan to have the biggest benefit for your business.

Startup or Small Business Loans

We don’t stand in the way of business owners starting out with fresh ideas to add more value and vibrancy to the communities we call home. Rivers Edge Bank is a long-time partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), with a shared goal to promote the interests of small businesses. That means we never penalize business owners at the beginning of their careers with crazy fees or prohibitive repayment terms. Instead, we present multiple growth opportunities and give you smart options with startup business loans and SBA-backed loans to help stabilize your business. Above all else, we aim to be your advocates as you establish an active presence in our shared home.

Business Expansion Loans

For seasoned business owners, we appreciate everything you bring to our community and are happy to help give you a boost to continue to grow your business. Business expansion loans cover expenses associated with adding a new business location, increasing your inventory, introducing a new line of products, hiring new employees, upgrading business equipment, acquiring another company, pivoting to reach new markets and more. You’re in charge of your vision, we’ll just point you in the right direction with business lending solutions tailored to your hopes and dreams. From point A to point B and everywhere in between, we’re prepared to help your business be everything you want it to be.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you’re building a new homebase for your business, buying a bigger building, expanding your current location or refinancing a property, Rivers Edge Bank can offer a commercial real estate loan to claim your rightful place in our community. We provide funding for the purchase of office buildings, shopping centers, rental homes, storefronts and more, depending on your business requirements. Commercial mortgages and real estate loans can be a lot to manage, so we simplify the process and remove any uncertainty and tedious steps. We have an entire team of experienced commercial lenders dedicated to timely, top quality customer service and commercial real estate loans at your convenience. There’s nothing holding you back!

Business Lending & Lines of Credit

If a traditional commercial loan doesn’t sound like the right fit, Rivers Edge Bank can also provide a business line of credit to increase cash flow as needed. A business line of credit is similar to a credit card, allowing the borrower to have regular access to a set amount of money to be used on a revolving basis for any business expenses that come up. As you pay off your line of credit, you open the funds to be used again and again. A line of credit adds extra flexibility when finances are tight during an off-season or a less busy time of year. Learn more about opening a line of credit and find out if a line of credit could work for your business.

Our Business Lenders Are Here to Help with Commercial Loans

Businesses are the backbone of our small towns, and Rivers Edge Bank wants to help every business be their best and find success in our tight-knit communities. After all, when a local business prospers, we all win. Our business lending team builds strong connections with business leaders, ultimately serving as a community resource and trusted touchpoint you can come to whenever you need funding for an exciting project or opportunity. Check out all of our business banking services, and contact your local Rivers Edge Bank to get started today.