Rivers Edge Bank is rural through and through, so we know livestock and crops can be some of our local farmers’ largest assets. As critical members of our community, farmers are an asset to us all, so we aim to protect their investment from disasters, unpredictable Midwestern weather and more. Our local ag insurance specialists are prepared with a comprehensive suite of crop insurance and livestock insurance products to help reduce risk on your farm. We specialize in ag banking and lending along with ag insurance and strive to be industry experts in your very own neighborhood to conveniently secure you with the coverage you need to keep nourishing the community we call home.

Rivers Edge Bank’s Crop Insurance Specialists

We are proud to partner with NAU Country Insurance Company, one of the premier crop insurance providers in the country, to offer single-peril and multi-peril crop insurance products, including Revenue Protection and Yield Protection, regulated by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Risk Management Agency. The FCIC regulates crop insurance policy inclusions and prices for farmers across the United States, but your small-town neighbors at Rivers Edge Bank are here to be the friendly faces you need to ensure you’re choosing the best policy for your farm and meet important policy deadlines. Generally, multi-peril crop insurance plans cover revenue losses and lower yields caused by natural occurrences, including:

  • Damaging weather conditions (flooding, frost, drought, wind)
  • Hail (further protection for hail damage can be acquired through a private crop-hail policy to supplement multi-peril crop coverage)
  • Fires caused by natural disasters (lightning, wildfires)
  • Crop disease and pests (assuming the damage is not a result of incorrect application of disease or pest control methods)
  • Wildlife-inflicted damage

Relying on Rivers Edge Bank for crop and livestock insurance gives you a leg up because we apply our local knowledge to help you pick the policy that works best for your farm. Crop insurance products look the same across the country, so allowing people you know and trust to provide you with top quality service makes all the difference. We’ll let you know if you qualify for more affordable premiums and answer your questions until you’re confident you’re supported with the appropriate policy.

Connect with one of our local ag insurance specialists to get started with our full lineup of crop insurance for farmers designed to meet all the demands of your business.

Important Dates for Crop Insurance Coverage

Our team at Rivers Edge Bank is committed to helping you keep track of upcoming dates related to your crop insurance policy. Check with your crop insurance specialist to ensure you’re on track with reporting and production deadlines throughout the year!

  • The sales closing date is your last day to secure a crop insurance policy with your desired policy type and level of protection or make changes to an existing plan.
  • The initial and final planting dates mark the eligibility period for protecting crops. Crops planted before the initial date won’t be eligible for replanting payments, while those planted leading up to the final date will receive the full yield or revenue amount based on the selected plan. After the final date, coverage is still in place but at a slightly lower rate.
  • Pay attention to the premium billing date, which typically falls around harvest time. You can make premium payments as soon as your crops are planted to be ahead of the game, but payment must be submitted within 30 days of the billing date or interest starts to accrue.
Corn  Soybeans SD Spring Wheat    SD Winter Wheat
Sales Closing Date  3/15   3/15   3/15   9/30
Purchase/Cancel/Transfer 3/15   3/15    3/15    9/30
Projected Price Announced 3/05    3/05   3/05   9/20
Initial Planting Date  * * * NA
Final Planting Date (Full Guaranty)  * * * *
Production Due  4/29  4/29 11/15  11/15
 Acreage Report Deadline  7/15 7/15 7/15 11/15
Crop Hail Insurance Discount Date    8/15 SD - 7/01 IA 8/15 SD -7/01 IA   7/15 *
Premium Billing Date  8/15  8/15  8/15  8/15
Harvest Price Announced   11/05 11/05 9/05 8/05

Please call your local agent for more information on what date fits your area. 

Insurance Technology for Farmers

Rivers Edge Bank is dedicated to the American Farmer. A key to farming success is remaining innovative and forward-thinking in all areas of farm decisions. Crop Insurance is no different. NAU is continually researching and developing new technologies to better serve you, the American Farmer. Our Rivers Edge Bank team of crop insurance specialists can help you set up your NAU Farmer portal or NAU Country Mobile app to manage your policy at your desk or on the go. You can access your coverage and insurance specific information, check out your premium owed, track and submit your loss, assess field level weather metrics, and much more. Ask our insurance specialists about Precision Farming or Field Insights and get started today.

Precision Farming – Production and Acreage Reporting for Farmers

Do you have a Global Positioning System (GPS) on your equipment? If so, our crop insurance specialists and NAU Precision Farming can help make reporting acreage and production information easier than ever and can be done right from your tractor or combine. Now you can have your acreage and production report complete in three easy steps. Contact one of our crop insurance specialists to learn more about Advantages of Precision Farming today!

Field Insights and Weather Metrics for Farmers

Do you want field level data, any time, any place? If so, Field Insights is just for you! The crop insurance experts at Rivers Edge Bank can get you set up with NAU Field Insights to help you better understand weather data, past, present and future. With Field Insights, you can also view growth models, growing degree days, soil data, spray or harvest advising, and frost alerts.

Does the possibility of hail damage keep you up at night? If so, ask our crop insurance specialists about EASYview Weather. It can help you locate and verify the proximity of hail events to your field.

Cattle & Swine Livestock Insurance for Farmers

Rivers Edge Bank recognizes livestock's important role in a farmer’s livelihood. We offer livestock insurance options to prepare and protect you from declining market values. As expenses escalate and your opportunity to make good money diminishes in the volatile market, livestock insurance ensures you’re able to sustain your business until the market is back on track. We are proud to provide peace of mind amidst unpredictable prices and costs. Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance is a great option for livestock farmers and rates can be viewed most weekdays to make the best possible decisions.

Contact an agent to help step you through the process the first time or try your hand with the steps below:

  1. Click on LRP Coverage Prices, Rates, and Actual Ending Values.
  2. Look for today’s date in the Effective Date (Rates come out around 4 pm every day) click next if today’s rates are out.
  3. Fill in the state the animals will reside in and click next.
  4. Select the commodity you are looking for and click next.
  5. Select the Type you are looking for coverage on and click create report.

Rivers Edge Assists with Insurance for Farmers in Our Communities

Large corporations can’t compete with the customer service of our locally owned and operated bank locations. Insurance issues can be complicated, so our local experts are readily available to answer questions and assist as needed. As a small local business ourselves, we understand the risks you face and can determine the best way to secure your biggest revenue generators. Take advantage of having a direct point of contact and feel confident knowing we are here when you need us. Explore all of our extensive service offerings for farmers and contact us online or call your local Rivers Edge Bank to get in touch.

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Crop Insurance Notice: Not a deposit; Not FDIC insured; Not insured by any federal government agency; Not guaranteed by the bank; and may go down in value.


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