No matter the size of your farm operation, the equipment you use plays a vital role in your daily responsibilities. Whether you are purchasing a tractor, a combine, or cutting-edge technology and equipment, we are here for you. With competitive rates, flexible loan structures, and repayment options in line with your cash flow, we make it easy to finance the equipment you need to succeed.


Where would a farmer be without equipment? It is not only necessary, but also continuously changing and improving. Whether you’re buying new or used, from a dealer, auction or private party, if it has a serial number, we can finance it! No minimum purchase price.


Technology has an increasing role in farm operations. Whether you are into genetics or drone technology, new inventions are constantly being developed. Rivers Edge Bank is eager to help maximize the potential of your farm by helping you investigate and finance the purchases that will make your operation unique. Reach out to one of our local loan officers to get started today.

Want to work some numbers before you contact one of our lenders? Put our online calculators to work!

Customer Experience

“We have been lifelong customers of the Rivers Edge system and knew they were the perfect fit as we started our new business venture, 605 Sires. Having deep roots in the agriculture field, they know the ups and downs of ag trends and markets. They have been extremely helpful and understanding as our business has grown and developed over the past 5 years and are always willing to listen to new ideas as we continue to expand. The entire staff is always friendly and easy to work with. I would certainly recommend REB to anyone looking to start a new business or grow an old one. They understand the needs and demands of the business world and are always willing to listen.”

-Cory Schrag, 605 Sires LLC