At Rivers Edge Bank, we know our local farmers are firmly rooted in their communities. More than that, they are committed to the production of crops and livestock that help nourish our neighbors. As a team of locally owned rural banks, our roots run deep in the communities we serve, as well. Farmers are our friends and neighbors, and we share the same commitment to growth within our communities. That’s why we listen and learn from our farmers and help give them the tools they need to grow their operations.

We recognize farmers are the lifeblood sustaining the small towns we serve, so we do our best to return the favor with agriculture banking solutions and resources to support the ventures of our rural residents. Because we are so ingrained in our communities, we know how to help farmers succeed. That’s the advantage of small-town banking with big-time business sense from our team members who know you by name. When you bank with Rivers Edge, you’re not only building your business — you’re reinvesting in the community we all call home.

Agriculture Banking

With all of the resources but none of the red tape of a corporate bank, Rivers Edge Bank runs on our relationships with local farmers. Manage your finances easily from your phone, and enjoy the convenience of making a deposit from the field and performing payroll at your fingertips. From savings accounts and debit cards to business management and mobile banking, we offer the same time-saving solutions as a larger bank but with a friendly face on standby if you need us. Best of all, banking locally with Rivers Edge keeps money in the community, so everybody benefits.

Checking & Savings Accounts for Ag-Based Customers

Our online-integrated checking and saving account solutions provide the flexibility farmers need to manage transactions and maximize earnings with a visit to the bank or via their secure online login. Designed to grow as you grow, we offer simple, easy-to-use accounts so you know your earnings are in the safest possible place and available to you on demand. For added convenience, Rivers Edge Bank checking account holders can make free ATM withdrawals at our ATM and utilize complimentary start-up checks and a free debit card.

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Debit Cards for Farming Communities

Establishing a debit card with Rivers Edge Bank allows our customers to easily manage recurring bills, get cash fast without paying fees and securely monitor transactions online. Our customers are automatically enrolled to receive fraud protection and alerts, and all cards carry chips for enhanced protection if lost or stolen. Safe spending is as simple as applying for a debit card today.

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Flexible Business Online Software

Rivers Edge Bank’s Business Online software streamlines payroll, payment processing and deposits through user-friendly features, allowing farmers to spend more time in the field and less time crunching numbers behind a desk. Effortlessly push payments through, place deposits and pay employees — without making a trip to the bank.

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Online Banking

It's true online banking opens doors to key bank functions without the need to physically enter a bank. Still, banking locally with Rivers Edge irrefutably gives community farmers connections you won’t find at a bigger bank. While it’s easy to access digital features like Online Bill Pay, mobile deposit and the My Rivers Edge Bank app to utilize accounts at your fingertips, it’s also easy to get ahold of your neighbors at Rivers Edge when you need a personal touch. We offer online tutorials and in-person training to ensure our fellow community members fully integrate with online banking so you can reap the benefits immediately.

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Agriculture Loans & Credit

Our small town roots allow us to center the needs of our agricultural community, propelling big ideas forward and fueling passion projects for our farmers. From loans for equipment and farmland to special funding for drone technology and exclusive crop genetics research, we finance the future. Because we understand the business of farming, we’re able to accommodate unique requests to best support the farmers sustaining our community. Unlike the hierarchies at corporate banks, we don’t have to run in circles to get things done—we take the time to listen and learn what you need and get you a response quickly.

Agriculture Operating Line of Credit

An agriculture operating line of credit essentially provides a steady stream of cash to cover the everyday expenses of your farm as they add up throughout the year. From seed and fertilizer to harvest and livestock expenses, an operating line of credit can be a lifesaver to sustain your business when you need to keep moving and make decisions quickly in the off season. Loan advances can be set up automatically, done online or by calling your banker for payment.

Agriculture Loans for Equipment (New & Used)

Rivers Edge Bank is committed to providing the necessary resources to purchase the equipment you need to be successful. If it has a serial number, we can finance it for you, and we don’t charge refinancing fees or prepayment penalties on loans for equipment. We don’t want anything to hold you back from meeting your farm’s full potential, so allow us to build a loan term that works best for you, including your choice of monthly, bi-annual or annual payments with predictable fixed rates up to five years.

Agriculture Loans For Operations

For long-term investments, like funding a new hog barn or machine shed or expanding into new real estate, traditional agriculture loans provide the funds you need upfront to get the job done. Best for strategic business decisions rather than daily expenses, our agriculture loans have a range of repayment terms with either fixed or variable interest rates to choose from, depending on the predictability or flexibility you need. We’ll help you design a repayment plan that makes sense for you.

Other Agriculture Business Services & Resources

At Rivers Edge Bank, we recognize farming is more than a business—it’s a way of life. Crops and livestock don’t take a day off when the weather turns or the market drops, and Rivers Edge doesn’t back down from the issues farmers face beyond the bank. As an all-encompassing agriculture bank, we aim to provide the services and resources our farmers need to withstand the demands of the profession. From comprehensive crop insurance products to invaluable market data and loan calculators, we are the go-to resource for local farmers.

Crop Insurance

The federal government dictates crop insurance policy inclusions and prices for farmers across the nation, so it’s especially important to work with a local crop insurance specialist who understands the specific needs of our neighborhood farmers. From tracking important crop insurance dates to establishing a plan that works the best for your unique concerns and conditions, Rivers Edge is your reliable partner in protecting the crops that feed our communities.

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Crop Markets, Resources & Calculators

Compare options for agriculture loans, calculate loan payments and stay connected to key market resources to best run your business and plan for the future. Our local leverage and industry expertise mean we know what matters most to you, so we compile only the tools and resources that make a difference in your day-to-day. Trust Rivers Edge Bank to keep you in the know with all of the important information available in one place.

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Customer Service

See beyond the stuffy banking stereotypes with Rivers Edge. The relationship between banker and farmer/business owner falls secondary to the community connection we share. Here, you are part of our family, and we’re happy to be along with you on your journey.

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Other Services

For those who prefer delivering deposits in person or who have special requests, our additional value-added services for local customers include:

  • After hours deposits
  • Wire transfer
  • Notary
  • Safe deposit boxes to store important business papers and assets

Take advantage of our services for small-town security with all the convenience of a big bank.

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Meet Our Agriculture Banking & Lending Team

As we know, local farmers feel a special affinity for their communities, and our agriculture banking team believes in supporting the people who make our communities a home. Our commitment follows us wherever we go, including giving back to various local organizations, serving on the school board and even advocating for our residents on the city council. When you bank with Rivers Edge, you can rest assured knowing you’re entrusting your peers, neighbors and friends. We only have your best interest in mind—because your best interest is in all our best interests as proud members of our communities.

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Where We Call Home

Our five locations across Iowa and South Dakota are fully involved in the small towns we serve, expertly carrying out our vision of small-town service with big-town resources. Everywhere we go, we see valued customers—from the sidewalk to the store to Main Street and beyond—and we are proud to serve the people who share our home. Rivers Edge is honored to call the following tight-knit communities home:

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See How Rivers Edge Bank Can Help

At Rivers Edge, you plant the seeds, and we provide countless opportunities to grow. From interest-earning checking and saving accounts for your farm to timely agriculture loans, loans for equipment and specialty services per your request, we know what you need to continue to nourish our community. Call your local Rivers Edge Bank or contact us online today to learn more about banking better by doing business here at home.