Farm Operating Line of Credit & Ag Finance Opportunities

As a local agriculture bank active in our rural South Dakota and Iowa communities, we recognize the unique challenges and risks our farming friends and neighbors experience. In fact, many of our seasoned ag lenders grew up on farms or currently tend land or livestock themselves. It’s this first-hand knowledge that lets farmers know they are in good hands at Rivers Edge Bank for business decisions that impact your bottom line. A farm operating line of credit, also known as a farm operating loan, provides flexibility in the off seasons as you continue to plan for your future.

From a lively discussion on market trends to informed advice on loans that can keep your business moving forward, we aren’t just here to lend, we’re here to be a friend you can trust with important business decisions. We are a reliable ag finance partner and resource for local farmers. A farm operating line of credit is just one opportunity we offer to create more possibilities and enhance your potential by increasing cash flow for your business.

How does an ag line of credit work?

An ag line of credit works like a credit card—once you’re approved, you can access funds as needed to cover daily expenses. Interest only accrues on used funds, so there’s no downfall to having an ag line of credit in your business’s back pocket.

From fertilizer to feed, livestock to labor and a number of other regular business expenses, a farm operating line of credit can be a lifeline to your business as you keep up with tedious costs while still leaving room for growth in your future. Crops may come and go with the seasons, but expenses occur in all seasons, so having a farm operating loan to supplement your cash flow pays off. Rivers Edge offers competitive rates and a variety of repayment options, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans depending on the loan term. We work with you as your dedicated agriculture bank and ag finance lender to design a solution that best fits your business and your future goals.

Amidst fluctuating markets and unpredictable weather patterns, farmers deal with a lot of uncertainty, but one thing you can be sure of is Rivers Edge Bank having your back for all the ups and downs. A farm operating loan serves as a stabilizer with revolving credit that can be paid back as you go, allowing you to withdraw funds instantly up to your allotted amount as often as you need. Variable rates provide added flexibility as you make payments that line up with current market trends. For our part, Rivers Edge also closely follows market trends so we can help you pivot and make adjustments as needed. Whether you’re a long-time farmer or new to the field, our ag finance lenders help you lead your business with stability and growth in mind. Loan advances can be set up automatically, done online or by calling your banker. Enter your numbers into our ag calculator online to get a good idea of what to expect from your farm operating loan.

Types of Expenses Covered by Farm Operating Loans

Compared to a one-time equipment or real estate loan, a farm operating loan doesn’t have to be put to use for one specific purpose. The initial amount you’re awarded likely won’t be as much as you’d receive for a single lump-sum loan, but you can access a farm operating line of credit repeatedly and spread it to address multiple needs for your business. Lines of credit have essentially limitless opportunities for you to direct cash flow to a variety of expenses, including but not limited to:

  • Livestock
  • Equipment
  • Rent
  • Fertilizer
  • Feed
  • Seed
  • Repairs
  • Working capital

Critical resources like these and so much more are never out of reach once you’ve secured a convenient, reliable farm operating line of credit from Rivers Edge Bank.

Ag Financing Online

Capitalize on the ease of online banking with Rivers Edge to fully take control of banking and your business. When you establish a line of credit with Rivers Edge Bank, your farm operating loan is entirely in your hands. Transfer funds and make payments at your fingertips using your phone or computer. Customize alerts to stay informed about your accounts, transactions and security. Best of all, fully integrate all of your business banking needs online and access key features like Mobile Deposit, Bill Pay and eStatements to manage multiple facets of your business from one secure location online. Safe, convenient and empowering, online banking with Rivers Edge gives farmers all the tools they need to be successful both in the field and behind the scenes as you successfully navigate your business.

Contact Rivers Edge Bank’s Ag Finance Team

Gear up for an exciting future for your farming business with Rivers Edge as your local agriculture bank and ag lender, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your growth plan. Utilize a farm operating line of credit for peace of mind during the off season, and see how increased cash flow improves your ability to plan for the future and ultimately explore exciting endeavors for your business. Learn more about our full suite of agricultural services for farmers, or call your local Rivers Edge Bank to get started.