Rivers Edge Bank History

Rivers Edge Bank’s journey is rooted in the foundation that rural communities and the people that live there matter. The bank’s journey has been intentional to follow the principles and intentions for which rural community banks were originally founded. Rural community banks were originally founded by a collection of dedicated and loyal community members who recognized the community's need for a bank.

Rivers Edge Bank ownership today is made up of loyal local bankers and investors. What that means is that your banker is very likely to be an owner in the bank and has a vested interest in your success and the success of the community.

Rivers Edge Bank seeks to apply this well-established winning formula in our modern times and with modern innovations.

Rivers Edge Bank’s genealogy is rooted in three long-standing rural community banks whose history follows the original community model. First State Bank of Hawarden, IA, which was founded in 1934. Farmers State Bank of Marion, Parker and Bridgewater, SD, which was founded in 1904 and Miner County Bank of Howard, SD, which was founded in 1926. In 2017, the three community banks pooled their resources to form Rivers Edge Bank.

Ownership remains rooted in the communities we serve, and that is a high priority for the Rivers Edge Bank. Rivers Edge Bank has and will continue to focus on the rural communities that we serve using this local ownership model. Our roots are in rural communities, and that is where we plan to stay.

We believe that the products and services that you desire from a bank should be as good as those from our metropolitan competitors, but with the added touch of having a local banker, you can call your own.

It is our great hope that you see value in this journey that we are on and share a commitment to the success and prosperity of the rural communities where we all live and work. Your success is vitally important to us and the future of the community.