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Top 5 Online Scams

Top 5 Online Scams

September 2, 2022

Digital thieves are lying in wait to scam money from you. They send you an email with a plea for help or a promise to earn a lot of money if you pay some simple fees. Beat them at their own game by understanding their top scams.

  1. These scams sometimes play on your emotions and your desire to help people who are less fortunate.
  2. Fraudsters will send you an email from what seems like a legitimate business, ask for personal information and then use it to steal from you.
  3. Sometimes they say you need to pay more taxes.
  4. Sometimes they pretend to be a kidnapper, saying you need to send money to keep everyone safe.
  5. They may even promise you a high-limit, preapproved credit card if you pay processing fees.

Use caution with these types of emails. If an offer seems too good or bad to be true, it probably is.


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