Farming is a sophisticated business.

Ag banking is business banking.

Ag Banking

We understand how fluctuating crop prices affect your expenses. Flexibility and creativity are required to succeed in farming these days. At Rivers Edge Bank, we offer personalized service and a variety of financial tools designed to keep your farm running smoothly.


Explore our checking account options. From interest bearing accounts to discounts on some of our most popular services, our checking accounts are packed with some surprising perks.


Our savings accounts are structured to grow right along with you – from your first savings account all the way through retirement.

Cash Management

From processing payments from your customers to managing employee direct deposits, find out how our diverse options in Cash Management can work for your business! 

Debit Card

Your Debit Card can be used in place of your business checkbook to buy supplies or equipment. Check here for information on our debit card program.

Ag Lending

Whether you need more land or a line of credit, we’ll discuss your goals and structure a loan to help you reach them.

Crop Insurance

Protect your farm and your future. We offer a full line of crop insurance products designed for your unique needs.

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